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Rapunzel, Rapunzel

you ever eat one of those little packets that says "do not eat" when you buy shoes because i have theyre not bad



the doctor is literally so shitty at flying the tardis like how do u aim for vegas and end up on a soviet submarine in the middle of the north pole smdh

It’s meant to have a crew flying it. Like, six people.


It’s funny how if you get an A on a test your grade goes up like 2 percent but if you get a F your grade goes down like the titanic

"bad Taylor Swift boyfriend drama." Thank you Marley for having a brain.


why wont my mom sing show-stopping duets with me like rachel’s mom does


the glee writers obviously didn’t go to college.


this entire funny girl storyline is making me yawn i literally don’t care


Shue if you talk like that to Blaine again I will poison the coffee you “skipped to get to glee” so stfu


hey will can you not yell at blaine please